HCI Researcher

I am John Joon Young Chung, a first-year Ph.D. student focusing on HCI, crowdsourcing, and collaboration at scale. Crowdsourcing and online collaboration have a potential to solve many difficult problems with diversity in online crowds, but how to leverage the diversity in the computing system is more to be explored. I believe that diversity can be leveraged to solve problems that are ambiguous, subjective, and uncertain. However, how can we manage diverging crowds to solve the problem efficiently, without suffering polarization or early convergence? How should we deal with crowds if they come up with diverse valid solutions? There are more and more questions to be answered on how to fully leverage crowd diversity, and I am trying to answer those questions.

In the context of crowdsourcing and social computing, I try to investigate how we should design interactive computing systems in order to fully leverage the diversity of crowds. Right now, I am focusing on efficient crowdsourcing techniques that can fully leverage diversity. Specifically, now I am working on crowdsourcing projects:

  1. How to efficiently retrieve collective perception of crowds in data annotation with a smaller number of crowds, by making them deliberate on the estimation of how others would annotate.
  2. Solving problems with uncertainty in real-time with efficient collective deliberation process, in the context of the car accident prediction.

Though not yet working on a specific project, I am also interested in the domain of civic discussion, regarding how to build a system that can make people better convey their diverse thoughts and make them better listen to others.

I am a Ph.D. student at CROMA Lab, University of Michigan, working with Professor Walter Lasecki. I am also collaborating with Professor Juho Kim at KIXLAB, KAIST.

Game Developer and Musician

I used to enjoy video games, ranging from AAA games to experimental indie games, and also prototype some simple games with my friends. I learned how users interact with a computer through prototyping experiences and how to collaborate with people, sharing and managing ideas. When I was undergraduate, I used to listen and compose really heavy but melodic tunes.

I showcase some of the results from my free-time-activities. You can check some of the descriptions, or videos of games I prototyped in Game, and I posted tunes I composed in Music.

Current Research

Recently developed Game